January 29, 2016

Strap adapter kit

As I just got tired of opening bolts every time I want to to remove the headlight I realize that Beta didn't use the std. Enduro method of rubber straps as the XT top triple clamp is lower than the RR's clamp and that won't leave room for the straps.

Here is the XT Vs RR headlight / Triple clamp relation.

It was time to put together a adapters kit that will allow us, XT riders, to have the easy headlight removal option as any other Enduro bike on the market.

Kit contain 2 stainless steal adapter plates, 2 heavy duty headlight straps, and all the needed stainless fasteners.

Get it here - Y-FR shop

Mounting instruction:

1. Remove headlight (loose the 2 M6 allen bolts, disconnect wiring harness)

2. Remove headlight bracket (you will need to open the 2 bolts holding the odometer, remove the bracket and tight them back on)

3. Remove brake line guide

4. Connect adapter plates using the original headlight bolts + fastener that comes with the kit
Pay attention to strap direction as in the pictures

5. Reconnect the brake line guide

 6. Reconnect lights plugs and headlight using the straps. Enjoy ! :)