February 14, 2016


Having multiple injuries, I'm always in the search of relieving some of the pain I have in my left shoulder, knees and arms.

I came across an Australian invention called StegPegz that help you supporting your body with the back of your legs, which allow riding with less upper body tension.
The importer to USA is BRAP Powersport (http://www.brappowersports.com) and few days later I had it on my door.

For a full read on how they work - http://stegzmoto.com.au/STEG-PEGZ.html

Installation was as straightforward as it can be. Removing existing 2 bolts on each side (lower subframe and another holding plastics) and install the Stegs using the hardware came with the unit pre installed.

Same part number is used for the Beta's RR's and the Xtrainer.

Fit is very snug and the only part you can actually feel is the plastic bobbins which are easily adjustable forward or backward using 13mm socket.

At start it feel a bit strange not to have smooth side panels, but quicker than I thought it would be, it was feeling just great! It allow you to hold your upper body so much easier, releasing a lot of stress and giving you the so needed relief on long standing rides.

There are 2 drawbacks as I see it

1. Air filter change is no longer tool free task. But, as it supported with very good design, all you need to do is to release the top M6 bolt and the Steg just move around easily. No big deal and you will never loose the airbox cover too! :)

2. Price. They are not cheap. But is there any price to sore shoulders, back and hands? is there a price for better grip on the bike?

So my bottom line is this - Yes, it's not cheap, but hell yes, it's worth it! :)

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